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System Requirements

Minimum System Requirements:
AMD K6-3 400MHz, Pentium II or Celeron-A 300MHz
full OpenGL or DirectX 8 compliant 3D accelerator
100% Windows compatible sound card
Windows 95 OSR2, Windows 98, Windows 98SE, Windows ME, Windows NT 4.0 (with Service Pack 5), Windows 2000 or WindowsXP
150MB free hard disk space

Recommended System Requirements:
AMD Athlon 650MHz or Pentium III 650MHz range processor
Third generation full OpenGL or DirectX 8 compliant 3D accelerator with 32MB RAM
Creative Labs SoundBlaster Live
450MB free hard disk space

For Full Experience:
AMD Thunderbird 1Ghz or Pentium III 1GHz range processor
Fourth generation full OpenGL or DirectX 8 compliant 3D accelerator with 64MB RAM

Installing The Game

  • Quit all other applications and insert the Serious Sam: The Second Encounter CD into your CD-ROM drive.

  • Serious Sam: SE will automatically display its installation screen within a few seconds. If autoplay is disabled, you will need to start the installation manually. This is done by double clicking the My Computer icon, then double clicking the CD-ROM icon in the window that opens. Double click on the Setup.exe file to begin the installation.

  • Follow the on-screen instructions to install the game.

  • Get Serious !

Running The Game

When navigating the Menus, keep in mind that all menu screens have a Back Button as an Escape Shortcut.

Main Menu

The Main Menu consists of the following:

Single Player

Select Single Player to begin or continue single-player games.


Select Network to set-up and play multiplayer games (see Serious Sam: SE Multiplayer for more information).
For more information on running the dedicated server, see the ReadMe file.

Split Screen

Select Split Screen to set-up and play with multiple users on one machine.

  • Go to menu: Split Screen->Start
  • Choose type of game to play: Cooperative, Scorematch, or Deathmatch, and difficulty: Tourist, Easy, Normal, Hard or Serious.
  • Select level to start playing from.
  • You may adjust game rules under 'Game Options'
  • Press Start.
  • Choose at least 2 players to play with. Make sure you set up proper commands for each player.
  • When ready, hit Start.


Select Demo to view any of recorded demos, or record a new one. Start recording a demo by pressing F7. A Recording indicator will show on the screen. To stop recording, either go to the Demo menu and choose Stop Recording, or press F8.


Select Mods to start any installed mods within the Serious engine.

High Scores

Select High Scores to view High-Score table.


Select Options to configure:

Video Options

Here you can choose your display driver (OpenGL or Direct3D) and display adpater. Under preferences you can choose from the following:

   Normal: optimal settings for your card
   Speed: for lower rendering quality and higher speed
   Quality: for higher rendering quality and lower speed

All the settings are relative to your card capabilities, as detected by the game. You can also choose a resolution, bit-depth and whether to run the game in full screen or in window.

Audio Options

You can choose from three Sound System Options: Waveout, DirectSound, or EAX (only available on EAX-compliant cards like SoundBlaster Live). You can set the sound playback quality at 11kHz, 22kHz or 44kHz, or turn the sound off. Music volume and sound effects volume is adjustable separately.

Players and Controls

Select Players and Controls to switch current player and controls.

Network Connection

Select Network Connection to specify your connectivity.

Advanced Options

Select Advanced Options to modify advanced options in any of the four menus.

Execute Add-On

Select Execute Add-On for pre-configured Video Options to fit your CPU and RAM.

Starting a New Single Player Game

New Game

Click Single Player and select New Game to start a new single player game. Then select a skill level. You may choose between:

Tourist Mode: For casual, non-FPS players
Easy Mode: For those new to first-person-shooters
Normal Mode: For seasoned FPS players
Hard Mode: For fearless Serious Sam players
Serious Mode: Are you serious?

Custom Level

When a level is loaded for the first time (on any difficulty), it automatically appears in the Custom Level menu. This allows those who got stuck in that level (because it was too difficult to pass or too easy) to restart that level on any other difficulty.

Quick Load

Select Quick Load to access pre-defined Saved Games.


Select Load for a choice of previously saved games to load. Note that each of the eight players has his/hers own saved games. If it seems that all your saved games have mysteriously disappeared, perhaps you have changed the player.


Select Training to access the Serious Sam: SE Training Mission.

Technology Test

Select Technology Test to access the Serious Sam: SE Technology Test.


When exiting Serious Sam: The Second Encounter, you will see a prompt (“Are You Sure?”). Select ‘Yes’ to exit the game.


NETRICSA (NEuroTRonically Implanted Combat Situation Analyzer) is a small computer implanted inside Sam's skull. Sam's NETRICSA is the best available of the wide range of such devices, common among modern head-to-head fighters. It is a neurotronical computer connected to the perceptual cortexes in his brain. The computer has all the access to his audio-visual experiences and can provide him with feedback. It is used to provide fast and simple access to all the necessary data and analysis for a skilled combatant, so that he/she can keep up to date with the situation and know what to do next. It translates texts, offers simple head-up-display directly to the visual cortex, tracks targets and gives other kinds of help in fight and in general tactics.

In game, NETRICSA appears on your screen in two different ways: as a Heads-Up Display and as a full screen computer interface.

Heads-Up Display is active normally while you explore the area or fight. In the lower left corner, it shows your current ARMOR and HEALTH state. Next to it, your CURRENT WEAPON and currently carried amount of AMMUNITION for it is displayed. On the far right is an icon for each type of ammo you have and a small bar showing how much of that type do you have.

In the upper left corner is SCORE, showing the sum of reward money you have collected by eliminating your enemies and by completing other tasks. When a NETRICSA has a new message for you, you will hear a notification sound and MESSAGE COUNTER (upper right corner) with number of pending messages will appear below the account display. Then you can invoke NETRICSA full screen to examine the message.

On the center of the screen is NETRICSA's target detection display. A CROSSHAIR shows exactly where your weapon will hit, and it changes colors according to the state of your target. While you have no live target, it is WHITE. When you aim at a new enemy, it will become GREEN, and as you damage the enemy, the color will turn RED.

If you target an item that can be used or operated (e.g. a switch), a USE indicator will appear above the crosshair. Press USE BUTTON to operate the item. If you target an item that can be analyzed, an ANALYZE indicator will appear. Press use button to analyze the item. After analyzing it, a new message will appear with description of the results of NETRICSA's research.

To read any of the NETRICSA's messages, you can invoke NETRICSA fullscreen at any time by double clicking the USE BUTTON.

In fullscreen mode, NETRICSA shows four windows:

CATEGORY SELECTION in the upper left has five buttons allowing you to select one of the message categories: Tactical Data, Strategic Data, Weapons, Enemies, and Statistics.

MESSAGE LIST in the upper right shows list of messages in currently selected category. Click on any message title to view the message.

MESSAGE TEXT in the lower right shows the message text, while

MESSAGE IMAGE at the lower left shows eventual visual information attached to the message. You can scroll both the message list and the message text with their accompanied sliders.

You can exit the fullscreen NETRICSA by either clicking on the EXIT button in the upper right corner, or by pressing ESCAPE or the RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON.

For optimal interface, Use/Call NETRICSA function is bound to the RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON. So with just that one button, you access Use and Analyze by single clicking it, call NETRICSA by double clicking it and also exit the NETRICSA by pressing that same button.

Controlling The Game

Note: You can rebind controls in the Players and Controls Menu, or by manually editing the .ctl' files in 'Controls\ directory of the installation.

Moving (Default Controls):

Move Forward W or Arrow Up
Move Backward S or Arrow Down
Strafe Left Q or A or Arrow Left
Strafe Right E or D or Arrow Right
Dodge/Swim Up Space or R
Dodge/Swim Down F or C

Combat (Default Controls):

Fire Left Mouse Button or Ctrl
Manual Reload Alt (works for Colt)
Next/Prev Weapon [/] or Mouse Wheel Up/Dn
Flip Weapon [\] or Third (Middle) Mouse Button
Knife/Chainsaw 1 (second press will spin knife)
Colt/Two Colts 2
Single Shotgun/Double Shotgun 3
Minigun/Tommygun 4
Rocket Launcher/Grenade Launcher 5
Sniper Rifle/Flamer 6
Laser 7
Cannon 8
Serious Bomb 0

Keyboard Shortcuts:

Note: The following shortcuts cannot be rebound in the Menu, but only by manually editing the file Controls\System\Common.ctl:

Console F1
Menu Save F2
Menu Load F3
Menu Controls F4
Quick Save F6
Quick Load (loads last saved game) F9
Screenshot F11
Start Demo Record F7
Stop Demo Record F8

Note: The following shortcuts are hard-wired and cannot be changed:

Activate Menu Escape
Activate Console F1 or `~' (Tilde)
Pause Game Pause
Toggle Fullscreen Alt-Enter